Your brain influences the quality of EVERY aspect of your life including your physical and mental health, decision making ability, impulsivity, mood, memory, energy, relationships, wealth, success, resilience, body weight and fitness, happiness, joy and LONGEVITY. Your brain is a MIRACLE bio-computer and when it's working properly…you feel good, do well in your life’s endeavors and can enjoy a fulfilling life.

When your brain breaks down…you break down.

But that’s NOT the end of the story.

The most incredible thing about your brain is its malleability. It can change! It can grow! It’s flexible! You can recharge your brain and you can get your brain back in shape! When you do, you’ll RECLAIM your health, happiness, joy, peace, fun, self-love, adventure and anything else YOU choose.

 All it takes is a little RESET.

Hi! I’m Leah Lund and I’m known as The Brain Coach. I’ve been helping people reboot their brain and rewire their subconscious so they can have the clarity, capacity and courage to be their true self and create a life they love for over a decade, For the first time ever I’m offering a simple way for you to get support in training your brain and your mind right from your very own home. Because you CAN feel like yourself again…or even better than ever before!


Total Brain Reset

8 Steps to a Super Fit Brain

I’ve blended all areas of my expertise: Neuro Nutrition, Neuroscience, Brain Health, Mind Body Wellness, Energy Management, Positive Psychology, Emotional Capacity, Breathwork and Hypnotherapy into this unique training-one that I’ve never offered before! This is the most laser-focused brain health course I’ve ever created and it's designed to quickly and easily get you results, because I know how hard it is to do the things you want to do and enjoy life when you’re held back by anxiety, overwhelm, food or body issues, depression, emotional eating, cravings, low energy, brain fog, insomnia, pain, burn out, self-doubt or self-sabotage. (see my brain story below) Yep! Your brain is the gateway to freedom from ALL of those things. You’ll learn a step-by-step process to reset your brain so you can be healthy, happy, confident and achieve success…however YOU define it.

How This Works:

This is an 8-week course where you’ll receive a new brain training module each week.
You’ll also be invited to join me LIVE for a 60 min training call each week where I’ll walk you step by step through the training and the week’s assignment. (I like to call those Inspired Actions) If you can’t make the live training call…no worries. All training calls are recorded and you’ll own a copy to replay any and every time you need a brain boost. Additional resources, tools and visual guides are included in every module.

PLEASE NOTE: To know something is to BE it. This isn’t a passive online course where you only learn things on an intellectual level. This is a course where you are supported to integrate and apply what you learn. It does take some work, but I promise I’ll make it easy and fun!

Module Outline:

Module One: The Art of Pure Focus 
How to Get Yourself to Do the Things You Really Want to Do

Module Two: Feeding Your Brain for Health, Happiness & Success
Learn to Eat for Your Brain Type & Successfully Avoid Foods & Substances That Sabotage Your Brain Function

Module Three: Detox Your Brain
Eliminate Energetic, Environmental, Chemical, Electrical and Nutritional Toxins from your Brain, Body & Life.

Module Four: The Balanced Body
Restore Harmony Between Your Brain & Body’s Hormones, Gut Health & Weight

Module Five: Prime Your Mind
Relax Your Brain & Nervous System and Stop Reacting From Subconscious Thoughts & Patterns

Module Six: Grow Emotional Capacity
Circulate your Emotional Energy to Reduce Brain Stress & Feel Good on Purpose

Module Seven: Your Specialized Brain Health Blueprint
Specific Strategies & Remedies for Today’s Most Common Brain Problems: Sleep Issues, Anxiety / Overwhelm / Perfectionism, Low Energy/Fatigue, ADD/ Concentration/Procrastination and Emotional Eating/Food Cravings

Module Eight: Age Your Brain Backwards
Design Your Inspired Action Plan for Longevity, Youthfulness & Alzheimer’s/Dementia Prevention and Your Most Joyful Life


What's Included:

-Access to the Total Brain Reset Online Course as Outlined Above
-8 Training Modules with Inspired Action Plan
-8 Live Calls (and a copy of the recording that’s yours to keep)
-Brain Type Assessment & Recommendations For Your Type
-Downloadable worksheets, tools and visual guides
-Recorded Meditations
-Brain Trainer Journal Prompts
-Brain Boosting Supplement Guide
-Lab Testing for Brain & Mental Health Guide & Tutorial

This material is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for a relationship with a physician or licensed health care practitioner, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. 

The gravity of aging is real and your brain can age every day just like every other part of your body. Brain scans show signs of Alzheimer's DECADES before you notice a symptom. But brain scans also show that with good, healthy brain habits, you can actually age your brain backwards. When your brain is functioning optimally, it sends ALL the right messaging to all 10 systems of your body including your digestive, immune, nervous, reproductive and endocrine systems. The right chemical messaging from your brain can help restore your natural weight, energy and positive mood. Not to mention help you get yourself to do the things you’ve been procrastinating over!

If you’re ready to feel like yourself again or EVEN BETTER, click the button below to get started on your Total Brain Reset.

>>>>>It’s Not YOU, It’s Your Brain<<<<<<
There’s a Missing Link That Few People Know About Their Brain


If you’ve ever wondered if you could feel better than you do or if having a successful business, career, family, relationship or purpose driven project has to be so hard or leave you feeling so tired, I’m about to share a missing link. I say missing link not because it’s a magic secret, but because you may never have heard of neurotransmitter deficiency and yet 85% of people are affected by it. Brain Chemistry Depletion (neurotransmitter deficiency) happens when your brain can’t make and store reserves of feel good chemicals (think Serotonin, Dopamine and others) and this leaves you feeling drained, down, unmotivated and overwhelmed. This missing link keeps your joy, optimism, confidence and fulfillment at arm’s length. It starts in your head, but it’s not in your imagination. How you are feeling is NOT a weakness, personality flaw, lack of will power or just the way you are. Your neurotransmitter levels can be restored and your brain can be reset to once again produce these chemicals naturally-just as it was designed to do. A personalized Neuro Nutrition protocol helps you restore your brain chemistry so you can return to feeling like your true self. This is a GAME CHANGER for anxiety, depression, ADD and other mental health issues.

When you upgrade to include the Neuro Nutrition JumpStart, I’ll design a customized Neuro Nutrition protocol for you to repair your brain’s neurotransmitter production and reserve. In a matter of days, this protocol can eliminate false moods, cravings and fatigue and restore you to your natural positive, energetic, calm design. I’m not exaggerating. It can work that quickly and then you maintain your protocol for a few months on your own for complete recovery.

The Neuro Nutrition JumpStart Program is regularly $3500 and right now you can UPGRADE your Total Brain Reset to include this game changer for about $500!!!

What’s Included in Your Upgrade:

-Brain Chemistry & Total Health Evaluation
-Customized Neuro Nutrition Protocol
-Customized Healing Blueprint including recommendations for diet, detox, movement and hormone balance
-10 Online Training Modules to understand what you are doing and why.
-4 LIVE Training and Q&A Calls (45 min) to help you get the best results
-3 Private Coaching Calls with Leah to fine tune your protocol
-Discount on Supplements*
-Option to purchase additional Private Coaching Calls with Leah for $97 (Reg $299)

The Neuro Nutrition JumpStart upgrade is the most complete bio-chemical reset for your brain. It is a proven remedy to relieve symptoms including:

As a Neuro Nutrition Therapist who has served as a mentor for training other Health Care Practitioners (MD, ND, Chiropractors, Nutritionists, Acupuncturists), I can say with certainty that neurotransmitter deficiency repair is nothing short of life changing.

*Supplements are not included. We provide access to a 10% discount for orders shipped inside the US.

Choose Your Experience:

$497 or 2 Payments of $275

  •  Access to the Total Brain Reset Online Course
  • 8 Training Modules with Inspired Action Plan
  • 8 Live Calls with MP3 recording
  • Brain Type Assessment & Recommendations For Your Type
  • Downloadable worksheets, tools and visual guides.
  • Recorded Meditations
  • Brain Trainer Journal Prompts
  • Brain Boosting Supplement Guide
  • Lab Testing for Brain & Mental Health Guide & Tutorial
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Meet Your Guide

Leah Lund

Brain, Capacity & Energy Management Coach + Creator of One Whole Health

Leah Lund is the Creator of One Whole Health offering on-line courses, coaching programs and retreats that help you reboot your brain and rewire your subconscious to have the clarity, capacity and courage to be your true self and create a life you love.

Using her background as a Brain Health & Energy Coach, Neuro Nutrient Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapist, Laughter Yoga Leader and Health Coach, Leah designed her unique One Whole Health Method™ which uses Neuro Science, Neuro Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, Energy Psychology and other techniques to help you feel joyful, self-assured and satisfied and find freedom from anxiety, overwhelm, food/body issues, depression, emotional eating, cravings, low energy, sleep issues, burn out, self-doubt, self-sabotage and spiritual malnutrition.

Two seeds were planted for Leah at a young age. One was a seed of self-doubt, fueled by her own experience and family history of anxiety and depression. This seed had Leah believing something was wrong with her, and more specifically her brain, well into adulthood. The other seed was the seed of faith and possibility which was divinely rooted in her heart.  The second seed carried her through until, in her mid-30’s, she discovered nutritional psychology and neuroplasticity and began to change her brain and shift her mindset.

Today, Leah is known as the Brain Coach, an unshakeable believer of possibility, an EGO MIND checker, a subconscious belief shifter and a magnet that helps you pull the stress and seriousness out of your life.

Leah believes that life is meant to be enjoyed and YOU are designed to feel good and your brain is the miracle computer that serves as a springboard to living your purpose.

She is a contributing Author to Ready, Aim, Soar! The Expert Insights System for Business Growth and Success in the 21st Century and Thresholds-How Changing Your Perspective Can Change Your Life.

She’s served as a keynote speaker for the Liberian Leadership & Prosperity Conf 2014 and The Inspire Event So Cal 2016 and Ecuador 2017 and takes coaches, transformational healers. authors and change makers on journeys around the world that combine humanitarian service, personal development and on stage speaking opportunities. She’s the Associate Produces of Awakening Giants web TV series which chronicles these adventures.

Leah is host of the #IAmVibrant podcast where she shares practical processes for living a life by design. Her purpose on this earth is to be and extend perfect love (God), see as much of this glorious planet as possible and live to her fullest potential….and help you do the same.


"I came to Leah burned out, anxious and depressed and very much wanting to make a change in my life, having tried many other methods. And, I am so glad that I did. Within three months I was able to reverse my brain chemistry depletion symptoms, feel little to no cravings for carbs and sweets and have a clear head to finally be able to envision and go for my dreams! With Leah's help I was able to remove emotional blocks that have been there for years. Now I can so much more easily advocate for myself, believe in myself, and maintain value in my desires. "

Aimee, VA (but planning BIG Move)

"I’m down 20 lbs when I didn’t even think I could lose weight anymore. I’m beginning to care enough about myself that I won’t give up anymore. My mind is clearer, it’s like a fog has lifted with my thoughts. My body doesn’t ache like it did before. My knees are so much better. I feel lighter on my feet. I have more energy. I have more capacity, I’m not feeling overwhelmed and I can do so much more in a day and be happy about doing it, not overwhelmed. It seems easier to train my brain. I am actually connecting with myself and others more and I’m able to release stuck energy and behaviors that do not serve me. I know how to stop resisting opportunity now and I’m able to choose to be confident and excited about getting through my fears. I am feeling extremely grateful."

Holly, SC

"I joined to address sugar addiction/cravings and to sleep better. I am thrilled to report that for many months now, I have been experiencing significantly improved sleep. I feel peace where there used to be turmoil. My cravings and self-criticism have calmed down and I have a deeper sense of knowing and loving myself. My focus and goals have shifted dramatically from obtaining "things" or experiences to diving inward and realizing the power of my mind and understanding how I have been harboring negative and unhealthy mindsets - which I now know I have the power to flip, or change."

Kim, UT

"When I started working with Leah, it was the first time in my life I have stopped to think about what I really want. In the past I was on auto-pilot or did things because of social or personal "CONDITIONING." Now I am a much more present and heart centered and emotionally connected. I have increased my awareness and am beginning to slow down enough to feel my emotions. I'm much calmer and less reactionary. I realize I have complete control over my life!"


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