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The Vibrant Woman

Helping women move beyond anxiety, overwhelm, self-doubt and body and food issues into a happy, fulfilling life of purpose.


Who is the Vibrant Woman?

A Vibrant Woman Knows She Is Alive

Her vitality shines everywhere she goes. She knows who she is and what she stands for and she’s courageous in her commitment to live an extraordinary life. She selforitizes her health, her life and her dreams. She’s eager for new wisdom and improvement each day because she knows life is meant to be enjoyed and she is meant to feel good.  The Vibrant Woman nourishes herself and those around her with healthy food, a healthy lifestyle and a healthy dose of love. She’s full of light, energy and life and open to support from her mentors and tribe to keep herself and her body in balance. The Vibrant Woman is not afraid to play big and have her voice heard. She uses her power to consciously create her life versus living by default.  She is driven by an unstoppable belief in possibility and dedicated to complete self-acceptance and true self love.  Not all the way there yet? No worries - this is a journey and we are here to help.

That sounds great but not sure
it’s possible for YOU?

If deep down inside, you fear your mental or physical health (or maybe even just the way you are) will get in the way of your results-go ahead and exhale now. You’ve found a new solution. If you’ve tried a lot of programs and protocols only to be left wondering “does it have to be so hard to feel BETTER and keep up with my successful business, career, family, relationship or purpose driven life?” it’s time to try something MORE. Most coaching programs focus on stopping anxiety, emotional eating, cravings, depression, low energy, insomnia, pain, poor focus, overwhelm, brain fog and burn out one way or the other:

➤ either with nutrition and supplements alone, never changing thinking or behavior habits to sustain results or

➤ with positive thinking techniques that never stick because they neglect restoring balance to the brain and body

The Vibrant Woman supports the WHOLE you with our unique and proven Brain Makeover Method™.

What is the Vibrant Woman Program?

The Vibrant Woman is a 12 month group coaching program that teaches you how put a stop to overwhelm, anxiety, self-doubt and self-sabotage so you can make sustainable changes that help you reclaim your health and feel energized and excited about your life! (not to mention have your BEST body, mind and spirit yet!!) The Vibrant Woman Program helps you develop healthy habits and navigate the ups and downs of life by using The Brain Makeover Method  to change your brain, manage your emotions and master your mindset. You’ll stop going through the motions and start dreaming bigger and--- where your mind goes... your life follows!

What is The Brain Makeover Method™?

The unique Brain Makeover Method ™ uses Neuro Science and Neuro Nutrition as the springboard to help you feel happy and confident and find freedom from anxiety, emotional eating, cravings, depression, low energy, insomnia, pain, poor focus, overwhelm, burn out and more.

What will I learn?

In the Vibrant Woman You Will...

  • Create a happy brain by using food and Neuro Nutrition to restore production and replenish reserves of feel good chemicals like Serotonin, Dopamine and address neurotransmitter depletion-the missing link for feeling happy, emotionally strong, flexible and confident while finding freedom from anxiety, emotional eating, cravings, depression, low energy, insomnia, pain, poor focus, overwhelm, burn out and more
  • Take a Health Evaluation and implement a healing protocol to holistically restore your body- from adrenal, thyroid or pituitary and hormone imbalance to digestion, gut and Candida issues, nutrient deficiencies, brain fog, Pyroluria, MTHFR gene mutation, histamine level imbalance, headaches, TMJ, fibromyalgia, panic attacks, phobias, ADD/ADHD, gut issues and moods and sensitivities that you may have thought were PMS.
  • Balance your blood sugar levels so that you finally get off the roller coaster of energy and mood swings and crashes
  • Form a healthy relationship with food and fuel your body with Feel Good Foods
  • Detox Foods That Sabotage Your Mood (and weight and energy) and learn to have a Healthy Indifference toward nutrient deficient foods
  • Stop dieting, emotional eating, binging or using food or other substances to numb yourself out so your body can bring itself to its natural, healthy weight
  • Implement the Whole Body Shape Up to get your body moving for detoxification, metabolism and anti-aging and do it in a way that is sustainable
  • Learn stress reduction and mindfulness techniques to keep yourself grounded, present and calm in any situation
  • Prioritize your self-care and master true self-love techniques
  • Take charge of your moods and build emotional resilience to deal with life’s ups and downs
  • Become more driven, motivated and focused to get yourself to do the things you’ve been wanting to do
  • Improve your memory and clarity
  • Develop sustainable energy without the use of stimulants so you can get through the day without feeling burned out or depleted
  • Stop relying on willpower-the greatest form of self-sabotage
  • Grow emotional resilience and good communication skills which improve your relationships and peace of mind and help you get things done
  • Use neuroscience technique to build new neural pathways that allow you to sustain new habits
  • Uncover limiting beliefs that have influenced your thinking and train your mind to think in a new way
  • Get unstuck and break through blocks by developing a Success Mindset
  • Learn to use all these techniques on a busy schedule no matter what is going on in your life
  • Bring more fun, freedom and adventure into your life
  • Feel like yourself again (or even better)
  • Begin living your most powerful and true purpose in life and BE your most VIBRANT self
  • Receive ongoing support and deep friendship from a community of women who are stepping into possibility, self-acceptance and true self-love
  • Have continuous mentorship from an internationally recognized expert in the field of holistic health, neuro nutrient therapy, natural weight loss, energy and stress management and emotional and mindset mastery…and access to her and her team during moments of truth, moments of growth, breakdowns and breakthroughs.

What Will I Receive?

Monthly Training & Accountability

3 Skill Building and Accountability Calls each month which focus on how to change your brain, restore balance to your body, manage your emotions, master your mindset, build sustainable self-care practices and prioritize self-care on your schedule

Private Coaching + RTT

1 private coaching call per month with Leah Lund to customize the implementation of your new skills and habits + 1 Rapid Transformational Therapy Session (Hypnotherapy) to rewrite deep subconscious beliefs.

Private Online Forum

Daily access to Leah Lund and the Coaching Team in the private online forum

Custom Neuro Nutrition Protocol

A Customized Neuro Nutrition and Healing Nutrient Protocol with fine-tuning for optimal result

Quick Start Home Study Program

Access to the Neuro Nutrition Quick Start Home Study program for neurotransmitter repair

3 Hour Virtual Retreat

A 3 Hour Virtual Retreat to set goals and create a roadmap for your BEST YEAR YET

Live Retreat

A LIVE Retreat to deepen your intuition and connection through somatic and equine therapies while bonding with the kindred spirits in your group

Handouts & PDF's

You'll receive handouts and PDF's to help support you in building your new rituals, habits and goals.

Who Is This For?

A Note From Leah ~

If you are reading this, I know you want more for your life. You want to feel better, be a stronger mentor for your family and you have a dream inside of you that sometimes feels too overwhelming and too exhausting to take on. You may even have stopped dreaming at all because you feel tired, overwhelmed and depleted and never seem to be able to catch up let alone get ahead.

I know this because I hit rock bottom once and thought there way NO WAY up and out.

This program is a culmination of everything I learned through my own experience and over 15 years of research and working with women who wanted the same things you do. What I know for sure is this:  You are not your brain, your mind or your body. You are ALL of that and more. And you CAN make sustainable change to create exactly what you want for your life. It begins with healing your brain because an estimated 85% of women suffer from neurotransmitter deficiency and that’s only the springboard into learning mindset and emotional mastery skills along with specific techniques and habits that change not only your brain and body, but everything in your life. You are not destined to feel this way and it is not an inherent personality flaw that you have to learn to live with.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and YOU are meant to feel good.
~ Leah

This program is right for you if:

  • Your heart is telling you “I REALLY want what this program delivers.”
  • You are OVER faking it, going through the motions or relying on will power.
  • You want to be happy in your own skin and enthusiastic in your life.
  • You know you have a higher purpose and you want to clear the path to start living it.
  • You are ready to TRUST the coach and the opportunity and invest your time and money and to do the work even in the face of your fears.

I’m Interested! How Do I Get Started & What Is the Investment?

Doors are open NOW for The Vibrant Woman so you can dive right in! Early registrants begin with A MASSIVE BONUS-Holiday Eating Success Kit which will set you up to get started without losing momentum during the holiday season. AND your spot will be reserved before we fill up and before the doors close. Then come Jan 2019 your skill building calls will begin and you’ll be on your way to being a VIBRANT woman living a VIBRANT life!

A 12-month commitment may feel a little scary so please know that the duration is by design because it  allows you time to take the information, apply it and have it become your natural way of being PLUS it’s proven to get you the best results. In fact, most clients continue on after the program ends and continue to up-level their health and life beyond what they ever thought was possible.

You can pay in full and receive a 10% discount or opt for a monthly payment plan and the investment is next to nothing compared to the priceless mentorship, proven skills, knowledge, community and accountability you’ll have that will take your life to the next level. Of course you want to know the investment details and if this is right program for you and you are a good fit for the program  CLICK BELOW to apply  now.  Once enrollment opens you will be invited to complete an application and we’ll jump on the phone with you to go over all the details and answer your questions.

Click Here To Apply Now

To be honest - “This isn’t the right time” is an excuse that is the reason you don’t already have what you truly want in life. It never feels like the right time and the longer you put if off, the longer you’ll stay stuck and spinning and missing out on your most vibrant life so there’s no better time to start with the support of a community, coach and team here to mentor you every step of the way.  In The Vibrant Woman, we break it down into simple steps and guide you take one at a time while helping fit it into your schedule so you don’t keep putting yourself on the back burner and depleting yourself even further.

Yes - that is our VIP Private Coaching Program and in it you’ll receive the customized Neuro Nutrition & Nutrient Protocol based on your Health Evaluation, private forum access to Leah,  3 private skill building and accountability calls a month a Half Day Virtual Retreat and a Full Day Private VIP In Person Retreat and direct Voxer access to Leah over the course of the 12 month.
Private coaching accelerates what you learn in The Vibrant Woman and leads to massive transformation.

Spaces are limited for this type of personal attention so SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION here and we’ll quickly jump on the phone. If you can’t find a phone appointment that matches your availability simple email us at to schedule time.

Of course, we are here to answer your questions. Click Here to schedule a time to talk with our team.
We understand this is a leap of faith and we’re so excited to help you be YOU 2.0-happy, emotionally strong, flexible and confident and FREE from anxiety, emotional eating, depression, low energy, insomnia, pain, poor focus, overwhelm, burn out and more.

Words From The Vibrant Woman:

"I’ve stopped helping other at the detriment of my needs and my health-less people pleasing and I’m prioritizing myself! I’d been burned out for 4 years straight and I can say that now I’m not stressed or feeling burned out AT ALL! The biggest breakthrough is I’ve let go of turning to food, alcohol, shopping and even my previous relationship for emotional support because I now have a community of sisters, God and my own strength to lean on."

Britta, NY
~ Detox Your Life Coaching & CV Skin Labs, FL USA

"I’m off meds completely and feeling good! Fourteen years after our divorce, I’m restoring my house along with my marriage! My anger is gone and we are getting along so much better. My making these positive changes has gotten him to make positive changes of his own. I don't know where I would have been without this program I have not felt this confident and good in a long time. "

Sandra, NH
~ Administrative Support

"I’ve lost 40 lbs and I keep it off with a Healthy Indifference! I’ve learned to feel my feelings and ask for what I need. I’ve less stressed and more flexible. My relationship with my husband is better than ever. I’ve taught new skills to the employees in our business and we’ve all become more efficient. I’ve made huge mindset shifts and I’ve detoxed the harshness I had for others and myself. I can focus on my happiness and be at peace. "

~Kelly, CO
Business Owner

"Looking back all I really was aware of wanting was to just feel better. I had no concept of what that felt like and didn't have the brain capacity to grasp how I have control over that. I’ve lost 12 lbs and I’m not consuming my usual wine, sugar and gluten at family gatherings. I was like Sleeping Beauty in a depression induced coma and now I'm awake. I know how to keep feeling this good and I’m living my life again! "

Kelly, OR USA
~Admin Asst & Mom

"I know feel a buoyancy in life and i'm not so rattled or feeling pushed around. This is an integral part of stepping up in the world."

Mandie K

"I started this program because I knew "I don't have time for me" wasn't working anymore. Even though my son was going through a very difficult situation, I knew I had to put myself first. I’ve noticed less puffiness, bloating and cravings. I’m not as aggravated at work even though we’re taking over another company. My husband, mother-in-law and counselor have all noticed and commented how well I handle things now and how great I look. My husband and I laugh more and my outlook is much better. I can stay focused now and accept what I can't change and not let those things take over my life."

Regina, PA
Office Manager & Mom

"After having 3 kids in 4 years my body was depleted and I thought I was doomed to be a “Monster Mom” forever. I was overwhelmed with my messy house, yelling at my kids and not feeling attractive to my husband. Leah helped me feel like a human being again! I’ve broken through roadblocks in my mind, have less anxiety and can let go of things that don’t matter. I found the joy that was missing in my life and I know I’m worthy of that joy. "

Lindsey M.

Join Us. You’ll walk away with the brain, body, mindset and emotional resilience skills to live your most fulfilling, vibrant and peaceful life.


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