Beautiful Being

Between your career, your business and the million other household and family obligations you handle in any given day, your plate has been beyond FULL…for awhile now.

You’ve been waiting for things to slow down…for the right time to put yourself first, take better care of your health and your body and prioritize YOUR passions (or maybe even figure out what does light you up) and then this Pandemic came along and threw a wrench in EVERYTHING.

Many people would say you should just keep going and wait until things get back to normal to make a change for yourself, but they've got it backwards. You need that change now  more than ever and I can show you how to start doing things a new way so you can get through these times and even...thrive!

Keeping all the balls in the air by pushing, struggling and sacrificing takes its toll on your energy, your mood, your body, your dreams and your joy.  Most burnout solutions or energy remedies are magic bullet “instafixes” focused solely on changing your thoughts, relying on willpower and continuing to muscle your way through life…but NONE of that makes a difference for very long.

Sweet Sister
It's time for you to learn to restore your natural energy and expand your capacity in a lasting way so you can create more freedom, more fulfillment, more time and more joy for yourself and start living a life you ABSOLUTELY LOVE by design. It’s YOUR time…the time for you to BE the powerful creator you were designed to be.


You’ve worked hard and sacrificed a lot to get where you are. You’ve done what you’ve had to do. But all the over giving, over mothering, over controlling, over compensating and over exerting has left you burned out and maybe a little bit…BLAH. You still have big dreams inside you, but it feels overwhelming to take on MORE in your business, career and life when you’re already feeling depleted, unmotivated, exhausted and unfocused. And what about your social life, fun and adventure? What’s that?!??

Your mind might tell you there's only time or energy for your long list of obligations...and that leaves you feeling like life is running you instead of YOU living your life.

BUT, Powerful One, you can RESTORE your natural, vibrant energy and learn to live your life in a way that OPENS YOU UP for your next level health, happiness, abundance and success.

That’s why I created 

The Vibrant Woman

As hard as the stressful, busy times in life  can be,the truth is, those times really only magnify how you feel and the self-sabotaging patterns and burnout causing habits that have been there all along. If your ONLY tool and resource for being more productive and getting ahead is spending more time, working harder and giving MORE-it’s no wonder you feel burned out, overwhelmed and stuck at the end of the day.


Your typical M.O. (way of operating in your life) can make you susceptible to burnout and if left unresolved, this M.O. will burn you out every time you face a challenge or adversity …and that’s OK!!

That means THIS is a pivotal moment, where you can make a LIFE-CHANGING choice to do things differently.

Right Here! Right Now-You can CHOOSE this potent 6-month container of accountability, guidance, love and support where you will learn to make the mental, emotional and physical energetic shifts that help you feel ALIVE again and begin to navigate your days in a high frequency state of ease and flow as you move forward with your deepest dreams and desires-without procrastination or distraction.

NOW is the RIPE time to join me for The Vibrant Woman
so you can:

✔️Restore your natural energy by resetting your brain and rebalancing your body using my Vibrant Living Formula™ to alleviate the effects of stress like burnout, anxiety, depression, cravings, emotional eating, procrastination, overwhelm, sleep issues, emotional sensitivity and self-sabotage. Yep! ALL THAT!  

✔️Build Spiritual Immunity™ to bullet-proof your vibrational frequency so you can protect yourself against negative energy and global panic and release resistance, fear and self-doubt, so you can embody a high frequency state of ease and flow that attracts health, wealth, joy and possibilities into your life.

✔️Reprogram subconscious patterns and shift your thinking to expand your Emotional Capacity so you can recover from past traumas and current stress quickly and begin to respond to life’s surprises and challenges with grace, ease and calm vs. reacting, having a meltdown or getting stressed out or burned out. 

✔️Manage your energy to create more time and freedom during the restrictions of this Pandemic or any other adversity that comes along. Learn to plan your day in a way that GIVES you energy and stick to your plan so you can avoid procrastination and overwhelm, remove distractions, preserve boundaries and prioritize and stay focused on what matters most to you. End your day feeling good about what you’ve accomplished.

✔️Gain clarity around what you want most in life and the courage and confidence to finally prioritize and take action on your dreams so you can have a life of freedom and personal fulfillment by design...without holding back or feeling guilty.

The Vibrant Living Formula™

What makes The Vibrant Woman so popular and effective is that it's based on my proprietary process called The Vibrant Living Formula™

I’ll guide you step-by-step through bite-sized strategies and techniques that help you break free from burnout and self-sabotaging patterns and restore your vibrant energy and zest for life:

"After having 3 kids in 4 years my body was depleted and I thought I was doomed to be a “Monster Mom” forever. I was overwhelmed with my messy house, yelling at my kids and not feeling attractive to my husband. Leah helped me feel like a human being again! I’ve broken through roadblocks in my mind, have less anxiety and can let go of things that don’t matter. I found the joy that was missing in my life and I know I’m worthy of that joy. "

Lindsey M.

What Makes The Vibrant Woman So Unique & Effective?

Most other burnout solutions and energy programs recommend the magic bullets and instafixes of “relying on willpower” or “managing your mind” but those strategies alone are not enough to create real change. There’s a smarter, more lasting approach for relieving burnout and that is to:

> Learn to work WITH your brain instead of against it so you can bio-chemically, mentally and emotionally RESET your neural pathways and subconscious habits

> Bullet-proof your vibration with daily rituals and in-the-moment rescues that harmonize your frequency no matter the energetic “weather” around you

> Build the Spiritual Immunity™ to give you confidence and faith to dream BIG again and take action on those dreams

> Expand your Emotional Capacity to handle whatever life throws at you so you can THRIVE even during unpredictable, turbulent times

"I can eat without guilt or shame. I’ve lost 14 lbs and my skin is clearer, my hair is shinier and my eyes are bluer! I’ve been sober for nearly 10 years and I feel an inner peace that I’m never experienced since drugs and alcohol. This coaching is amazing! "

~ Coach, Amazon Best Selling Author

Who Is The Vibrant Woman for?

This is not a program for women interested in learning theories or esoteric concepts without applying them in the real world. Nor is it a place to get stuck defending your limiting stories or believing that nothing can change for you. But it's OK if you’ve tried other methods and not seen the shift you were looking for. What I ask is for your willingness to take the coaching and show up in a vulnerable, authentic way. We’ll focus on bite sized techniques and simple strategies and as long as you are willing to do the work (I don’t ask for perfection…I ask that you be perfectly imperfect and stay in action) you will set yourself up for a HUGE energetic shift!

What You Will Receive:


✓ 2 Group Activation Sessions per month (6 months)
✓ 1 Private Coaching Call with Leah per month
✓ Private Facebook Community for support and connection
✓ Customized Neuro Nutrition & Whole Health Protocol
✓ 2 hour Private RTT Hypnotherapy Session
✓ 3 hour Virtual Retreat ($1000 value)
✓ 1 Live Weekend Retreat ($3500 value)

Everything you need to create a lasting energetic shift and BECOME the Vibrant Woman you were born to BE!

Words From The Vibrant Woman:

"I’m off meds completely and feeling good! Fourteen years after our divorce, I’m restoring my house along with my marriage! My anger is gone and we are getting along so much better. My making these positive changes has gotten him to make positive changes of his own. I don't know where I would have been without this program I have not felt this confident and good in a long time. "

Sandra, NH
~ Administrative Support

"I’ve lost 40 lbs and I keep it off with a Healthy Indifference! I’ve learned to feel my feelings and ask for what I need. I’ve less stressed and more flexible. My relationship with my husband is better than ever. I’ve taught new skills to the employees in our business and we’ve all become more efficient. I’ve made huge mindset shifts and I’ve detoxed the harshness I had for others and myself. I can focus on my happiness and be at peace. "

~Kelly, CO
Business Owner

"I am feeling so much better and have been losing weight and fitting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes-and getting compliments! I didn’t realize I was “stress-eating” and now I’m not hungry between meals and I crave fresh veggies, good fats and proteins. I learned how to create balance in my overall health and well-being-social, emotional, spiritual, mental and physical. This was the missing piece of the puzzle that I didn’t have. I feel whole again and free to live my life at a high vibration. It’s a night and day difference from before."

Mother of 5, UT USA

"I came to this program feeling depressed, overwhelmed, tired, anxious, angry and suffering from sugar cravings. Looking back, I remember in the beginning when I thought all of this was too hard and that it wouldn’t work for me and that I couldn’t do it, Leah, and you said just give it five weeks and I’ll feel better. I didn’t believe it, but it worked! Now I feel REALLY good. My mood is maintained and even when I get more stressed or more sensitive, I know exactly what to do about it. I’ve realized that sugar makes me angry and it’s not worth it. I stay away from it. This has been life changing and I can’t find words to express how much this has helped me."

Calgary AB

"After just one month on the program, my husband commented on how much easier I am to get along with and how much better I am doing overall. That alone is probably the best proof of progress possible :) I am consuming significantly less sugar and caffeine. It feels great to finally realize how much havoc they were causing in my body. I felt like the aminos and the counseling helped me to stick with it long enough for new habits to form. I would tell anyone thinking of doing this program to-Do it! It's so worth it. I am in such a better place than if I had just gone on another antidepressant because this comprehensive program has taken me to a place where I am no longer just surviving, but thriving, even though I am still under very distressing family related circumstances."


"I’ve learned that it’s not about expecting things not to change, it’s about how I handle the change. I can grieve and still be making progress. My energy is much better and I’m not dragging any more. I’ve been regularly meditating and doing breathing exercises and talking more with my husband. All this combined means my mood is much better. I don’t crave sugar anymore! I feel like I should have always felt yet never, ever felt before."


"I’ve LOST 17 pounds and my blood pressure has plummeted to 114 over 60. I'm not having acid reflux, bloating, stomach aches or constipation anymore. What is even more important is that I feel less pushed around and less bullied by food. A huge mental shift has taken place where I don't feel "owed" foods (like sugar & dairy) that make me nauseous, groggy, thirsty, irregular, bloated and headachy. I simply don't want those foods anymore. I'm doing Pilates, appreciating my body and I know that my body has healing powers built right in. "

Range Land Manager, WY USA

So…Beautiful Being…

What You Do Not Change, You Choose

You can look back on this time of unusual world events and Pandemic restrictions and say “that was the straw that broke the camel’s back” or you can look back on it and say


I’m not looking for perfection, I’m looking for you to take a leap of faith with willingness to practice bite-sized strategies that when sustained CHANGE EVERYTHING

Join me now and you can restore your natural energy and expand your capacity in a lasting way to create more freedom, more fulfillment, more time and more joy for yourself so you can start living a life you ABSOLUTELY LOVE by design. 

It’s YOUR time…the time for you to BE the powerful creator you were designed to be.



Hi! I'm Leah Lund!

Hello Sweet Soul, I'm Leah Lund! I’m an unshakeable believer of possibility, an EGO mind checker, a subconscious belief shifter and a Child of God devoted to clearing all that blocks you from miracles. I’m a Brain Health, Inner Capacity & Energy Coach, Hypnotherapist & Breathwork Leader and I’m known for helping you reprogram your mind and align your vibration with your deepest desires so you can BE, do and have wealth and abundance in every area of your life. As a leader of transformation retreats and adventure travel excursions, I’ve helped thousands of people get out of their head and their comfort zone to access their soul’s purpose and their inner joy. YOU are a powerful creator and I’m here to support you in harnessing your creative energy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To be honest - “This isn’t the right time” is an excuse that is the reason you don’t already have what you truly want in life. It never feels like the right time and the longer you put if off, the longer you’ll stay stuck and spinning and missing out on your most vibrant life.

There’s no better time to start with the support of a community, coach and team here to mentor you every step of the way.

In The Vibrant Woman, we break it down into simple steps and guide you to take one step at a time, while helping fit it into your schedule so you don’t keep putting yourself on the back burner and depleting yourself even further.

Yes - Spaces are limited for this type of custom deep dive so SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION here and we’ll quickly jump on the phone. If you can’t find a phone appointment that matches your availability simply email us at [email protected] to schedule time.

Of course, and to take it even further, I invite you to join me for a Vibrant Living Masterclass & Hot seat Coaching, where you'll have ample opportunity to ask your questions and get a taste of what it's like to get supported in your breakthroughs. Click Here to choose your time.

"Looking back all I really was aware of wanting was to just feel better. I had no concept of what that felt like and didn't have the brain capacity to grasp how I have control over that. I’ve lost 12 lbs and I’m not consuming my usual wine, sugar and gluten at family gatherings. I was like Sleeping Beauty in a depression induced coma and now I'm awake. I know how to keep feeling this good and I’m living my life again! "

Kelly, OR USA
~Admin Asst & Mom

"I know feel a buoyancy in life and i'm not so rattled or feeling pushed around. This is an integral part of stepping up in the world."

Mandie K

"I started this program because I knew "I don't have time for me" wasn't working anymore. Even though my son was going through a very difficult situation, I knew I had to put myself first. I’ve noticed less puffiness, bloating and cravings. I’m not as aggravated at work even though we’re taking over another company. My husband, mother-in-law and counselor have all noticed and commented how well I handle things now and how great I look. My husband and I laugh more and my outlook is much better. I can stay focused now and accept what I can't change and not let those things take over my life."

Regina, PA
Office Manager & Mom

"I’ve stopped helping other at the detriment of my needs and my health-less people pleasing and I’m prioritizing myself! I’d been burned out for 4 years straight and I can say that now I’m not stressed or feeling burned out AT ALL! The biggest breakthrough is I’ve let go of turning to food, alcohol, shopping and even my previous relationship for emotional support because I now have a community of sisters, God and my own strength to lean on."

Britta, NY
~ Detox Your Life Coaching & CV Skin Labs, FL USA

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