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Breathe LIFE into your life with the brand new Inspirement Life Planner

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A brand new decade filled with possibilities awaits you...let's kick it off together and breathe life into those precious dreams of yours!

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  • The Inspirement Life™
    2020 Planner:  a beautiful full-year week by week planner filled with our own personal Inspirement Life™ tools to help you live your best life.
    (value $34.95)


  • 20/20 Perfect Vision Workshop-3 Hour Recording
  • The Inspirement Life Planner
  • The Winter Rituals Mini Course
  • 3 Months Access to private Facebook Group for Accountability & Support

A gorgeous weekly planner filled with exercises and tools to help you breathe life into your dreams while also breathing life into YOU!  (value $34.95)

A powerful guided journey to meet your future self....that version of you that has already experienced the most epic 2020! We'll also release trapped emotional energy keeping you stuck.  We'll end our day together by activating those dreams.   You'll create your own 30-day plan for inspired action and then we'll do a special process to amplify your intentions and activate the energy--for yourself and for the collective! (value $97)

You'll also receive access to The Inspirement Life™ Winter Rituals Mini-Course. One ritual per week to help you stay grounded and feel nurtured. 
(value $47)

"When I started working with Leah, it was the first time in my life I have stopped to think about what I really want. In the past I was on auto-pilot or did things because of social or personal "CONDITIONING." Now I am a much more present and heart centered and emotionally connected. I have increased my awareness and am beginning to slow down enough to feel my emotions. I'm much calmer and less reactionary. I realize I have complete control over my life!"

Laurie Rebd

"Before working with Beth I was timid and fearful of trying anything outside my comfort zone. I didn't believe I was worthy of success. The wisdom I have gained into myself is priceless. I have made major changes in my life and the best part is when you achieve in one area, the rest becomes clearer. I dream BIG now. I landed a job that enables me to fulfill a single mom's dream--a new home. I now work part time to build my dream of becoming my own boss and having my own health and wellness--my corporation paperwork is coming any day now!"

Dawn Chimento

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