Welcome Beautiful Being!

It’s no accident you’re here.

You are soul-driven...meant to live a big, fulfilling purpose and life.

And living your purpose and full potential doesn’t have to be so hard.

You’re ready to get out of your head and into your soul so you can start creating your desired reality with more ease and flow.

This is the place to unlearn the hustle and reconnect with the Divine.

Join me for this 30-Day living practice where you’ll learn
to stop:

-pushing and forcing to make things happen
-overthinking every move you make
-doubting yourself and your gifts
-struggling to control everything and figure it all out with your mind

And start to:
-align energetically with your desires
-receive the flow of joy, ease and abundance
-allow things to fall into place
-trust yourself and your abilities

You’ll finally feel what it's like to achieve more with greater ease and flow.

Welcome to…

Sovereign Soul 

Unlearn the Hustle & Reconnect With the Divine
So Your Can Create Your Desired Reality With Greater Ease and Flow

Yes! I’m so ready for this!

It’s a time of acceleration. Shifts are happening at a faster and faster rate.

The darkness is darker and more light is dropping in to this dimension at a quicker pace.

It's time to get comfortable with change and the unknown. But don’t let that scare you because there is a new way of navigating the terrain.
It’s time to transcend all fear and dense energy and BE the energy of LOVE. 

This is your call to master your energy attunement with Source so you can vibrate in the frequency of love and aliveness as the illusions and delusions fall away.

You are 96% Pure Energetic Potential and when you embody that potential, you become the powerful creator of your most meaningful and abundant life!

This is NOT a method to study or memorize.

This is a potent energetic practice container with community and mentorship to support you as you re-create your life from inside your soul.

You’ve had glimpses of the magnificence, brilliance, bliss and abundance that is your Divine Design, but you've lacked consistency in alignment.

You know you’re Divine Energy in human form and you’re ready to LIVE your
purpose doing what you love and consciously creating your most fulfilling life.

At last...you will:

  • Begin to navigate life’s ups and downs with peace and calm as you become comfortable with change, make friends with the unknown and access the ultimate confidence and trust that comes self-authority, sovereignty and Spiritual Immunity™.
  • Get out of your head so you can hear guidance more clearly and follow it as you begin to live in 
    continual connection with your Higher Power.
  • End energy distraction! Release emotional imprints, subconscious resistance, scattered or divergent energy and energetic blocks residing in the body and no longer absorb negative energy or invest your energy in things that drain you. 
  • Learn to discern your frequency in any moment so you can make choices and decisions that serve your greatest good.
  • Expand your capacity to take on your big dreams without chickening out or burning out and finally feel what it means to master energy attunement with your most fulfilling and abundant life and work.
  • Open the channels to receive next-level ease, grace, flow, fulfillment, abundance and freedom! The kind that only comes when you cultivate unshakeable faith in the Creator and natural energetic laws. 

The only question now is…

Will you step forward and devote yourself to the practice of:

️Seeing with spiritual eyes

Feeling your way with the depth of your soul

Placing your attention and devotion on tuning your frequency?

You don't need to know how with your head. You only need to say yes and I'll show you the way to begin creating magic in your life  the only way it can be-    

In energy FIRST and then in physical form reality.

Here’s what’s possible when you say yes…

"I cannot put into words how GRATEFUL I am that I said yes to this 30-day practice. It’s beautiful and resonates on a very deep level. There are a few things in my otherwise pretty ok world that are pretty much floating in my subconscious much of my day (like an itch I need to scratch) and the lessons I’m learning in this short time so far are a gift because what I want at this point in my life is SERENITY, peace, love, joy, meaningful connections and SIMPLE! This course is so clearly speaking to the core of my being ... who I want to be. "

Lauri P, CA

"In general, I find that I'm more relaxed. I'm not as overwhelmed. I get out of things quicker. I'm using my time, better getting more things done. I've shared so much in this group that I haven't shared a lot in place before. It felt safe. I'm learning to look at that language I use differently. I feel like I'm just moving faster in general. Before, I was meditating every day, but still experienced a lot of fidgetiness. At 62 years old, I’m having a coming out party and becoming the person I always was meant to be and really am! "

Ruthe, PA

"I had a breakthrough. I realized I’ve managed my emotions regarding a family member and their behavior by being completely apathetic.. I zeroed them out. In this process, Spirit said You don’t get to not love them. I am open, I want healing and breakthroughs."

Holly, GA

"I am feeling so much better and have been losing weight and fitting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes-and getting compliments! I didn’t realize I was “stress-eating” and now I’m not hungry between meals and I crave fresh veggies, good fats and proteins. I learned how to create balance in my overall health and well-being-social, emotional, spiritual, mental and physical. This was the missing piece of the puzzle that I didn’t have. I feel whole again and free to live my life at a high vibration. It’s a night and day difference from before. "

Margaret, UT

"When I started working with Leah, it was the first time in my life I have stopped to think about what I really want. In the past I was on auto-pilot or did things because of social or personal "CONDITIONING." Now I am a much more present and heart centered and emotionally connected. I have increased my awareness and am beginning to slow down enough to feel my emotions. I'm much calmer and less reactionary. I realize I have complete control over my life!"

Laurie, CA

"I met Leah two days after my 60th birthday and 60 is such a turning point of time. How am I going to live the last phase of my life? I’d had all these plans for this stage, all of a sudden, now's the time and I was wondering “Am I really going to do it? Put what I know into practice? Be a different person? In this program, everything changed. I am embracing this next phase and I feel stronger and happier. I don’t have to pretend I’m anything anymore (I even stopped covering my white hair) . I've attracted a younger energy to myself and it’s amazing!"

Debbie, CO

"I was hit over the head with a big aha moment about how ‘wounding’ my own thoughts and practices can be. I learned to hold those thoughts and behaviours with kindness and love and therefore transcend them. Big work in a short time."

Barbara, Ontario Canada

"Looking back over this program, I see I now have a different level of confidence and a different level of awareness than ever before. I’ve created an abundant amount of time and before I was spending that time spinning and feeling guilty about having created it! Now I am celebrating ME because through all the pain and suffering of the past, I’ve created time and the business is thriving, I feel so much peace, gratitude and forgiveness and now I get to create so much more!"

Cindy, CA

Sovereign Soul is a 30-day calibration of your energy through daily attunement and sacred rituals. Together with kindred spirits from around the globe, you’ll transform your energy along with your life through daily practices like Breathwork, Chanting, Frequency Therapy and Sacred Rituals.

You’ll build Spiritual Consciousness, Spiritual Security + Spiritual Immunity™ by immersing yourself in a daily practice of the most powerful spiritual rituals I've studied and practice personally. These rituals are rooted in principles of:  Holy Listening, Way of Mastery, Way of Love, Laughter Yoga, ACIM, Working with the Law, higher dimension journeying and other attunement practices.

You’ll enjoy recorded daily activations & weekly trainings, delivered right to your inbox so you can practice the rituals and learn how to clear some of the most common energy blocks that may be holding you back from your best life. 

You'll ignite an ascension to your highest level fulfillment and purpose as you begin to create more with greater ease.

How It Works & What's Included:

Together, we’ll practice tuning our frequency to the vibration of love and light. You’ll experience a new human energy-the energy of higher dimensions. You’ll align with a new earth internally so you can realize it externally.

AND here's some great news...this is an On-Demand course which means, you set your start date and go at your own pace!

Daily Somatic Energy Activation:

  • Each morning, you’ll receive an Somatic Experience Audio  (via email) comprised of a sacred practice for attuning to ease. These lessons were channeled and created just for this experience. Each ritual can be done right at that moment or at your convenience during the day. The request is that you carve out a consistent time and place to practice for 30 min per day.

Telegram Interactive Sacred Community:

  • This private chat group is a sacred and safe container to connect with me and your Sovereign family to share openly and be held as you embody each lesson to its fullest. The request and opportunity is that you come to the community immediately following each activation to share, celebrate and receive support! This is the place to interact with me and your fellow Sovereign Souls to be sure you get the support you desire!

Weekly Training Session:

  • Five Training Sessions. Every 7 days, you'll receive a recorded training that serves as a deep dive into becoming sovereign in every area of your life. These  trainings include topics like: uncovering and releasing emotional trauma imprints, subconscious resistance, scattered or divergent energy and energetic blocks and leaks.
    Training Topics:
    Sovereign Health: Purifying the Divine Energy Container of Your Body.
    Sovereign Wealth: Receiving Divine Abundance in All Forms.
    Sovereign Relationships: Creating Spiritual Partnerships that Nourish & Support You.
    Sovereign Self: Accessing Ultimate Self-Authority, Self-Regulation & Self-Love.
    Sovereign Service: Creating Impact & World Transformation Through Your Conscious Offerings.

Why This? Why Now?

So here we are, Beautiful Being. At the point of discernment and choice.

The collective energy in our world is rising and it's palpable.

This is just the start.

Energy must move, expand and create AS YOU.

This is not a course where you learn lessons and walk away to integrate them on your own. This is pure, mystical alchemy happening in real time – meaning your old way of operating will be transmuted into a powerful new way of being in the world and it all happens inside this day-by-day communion.

Are you joining me for Sovereign Soul?

Say YES to training your energy to reside at the level of aliveness and joy.

Say YES to attuning to the frequency of love and light.

Say YES to experiencing a new human energy-the energy of higher dimensions.

Say YES to creating your desired reality with more ease and flow.

Yes! Sign Me Up for Sovereign Soul!

And so it is. I'll BE with you there.

In Service & Devotion,


Hi! I'm Leah Lund

Hello Sweet Soul, I'm Leah Lund! I’m an unshakeable believer of possibility, an EGO mind checker, a subconscious belief shifter and a Child of God devoted to clearing all that blocks you from miracles. I’m an Energy Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Hypnotherapist & Breathwork Guide and I’m known for helping you reprogram your mind and align your vibration with your deepest desires so you can BE, do and have wealth and abundance in every area of your life. As a leader of transformation retreats and adventure travel excursions, I’ve helped thousands of people get out of their head and their comfort zone to access their soul’s purpose and their inner joy. YOU are a powerful creator and I’m here to support you in harnessing your creative energy.

Leah sensed that everything was energy from a very young age and God spoke to her in nudges and knowings. When she entered adulthood and eventually a successful corporate career, she mastered ignoring those energetic impulses. But after decades of climbing the corporate ladder, she hit a wall of exhaustion and burnout and walked away with no plan.

It’s then that she reconnected with God and her purpose to support soul-driven women, entrepreneurs and lightworkers in creating their desired realty with more ease.  

Leah is an Energy Coach + Spiritual Mentor that helps you dissolve energetic blocks, build your capacity and learn to command your own frequency so you can grow your movement, mission or business without sacrificing your health, personal passions or spiritual connection. She helps you live your true purpose by unlearning the hustle and aligning with the frequency of ease and flow. When you apply Leah's techniques for mastering energy attunement, you'll connect with the Divine and begin to achieve more with greater ease. Leah is known to many as the guide who helped them apply what  they thought they knew about attraction in a real way that way that made all the difference in finally bringing their desires into reality.

Praise for Leah's Mentorship

⭐️ I didn’t know what to expect but I went in with an open heart and mind. I’m so ready to receive all the blessings, but haven’t had the right tools or guidance to tap into them. My day went fantastic  ~ Sonia F

⭐️ That was amazing! I cried through the beginning because I felt like this was an answer that I have been praying for.  My daughter said she felt like you were talking just to her.  She said she was committed to the 30 days. I love that we are doing it together! ~ Debbie J

⭐️ Thank you Leah for this powerful session today.  It really went to the core for me.  I felt myself releasing shame, anger, depression, not worthy, poor self image.  I was forgiving my family, generations past and future.  I love myself. ~ Bethany K

⭐️ It's only been two days together and I feel so much more at peace, connected and genuinely inspired. ~ Marie E

⭐️ The Breathwork was amazing!!! I surprised myself that I was capable of exhaling as long as I did. Saw an image of my son as an adult and then me holding him as a baby and felt a surge of love and compassion  ~ Lauri P

⭐️ The Breathwork was so good! God had me release “Baby Gia perceptions of the world” leaving more room in my life for seeing things differently through HIS eyes. ~ Gia N

⭐️ I look forward each morning to standing in the virtual circle.My big hit me over the head, aha moment from today’s lesson was how ‘wounding’ my own thoughts and practices can be…Today I was able to hold some of those thoughts and behaviours with kindness and love. Big work in only 4 days. Thank you. ~ Barbara F

⭐️ I had a breakthrough in today’s session. I realized I’ve managed my emotions regarding a family member and their behavior by being completely apathetic about him. He’s been zeroed out in my book for some time now. Today Spirit said “You don’t get to not love him.” I am open, I want healing and breakthroughs. ~ Heidi D 

⭐️ Wow! I was always interested when Leah spoke of laugh therapy! This was perfection. I’m not sure if I was crying from laughing so hard, maybe so, but they also felt like cleansing tears. Not just for me but for everyone on the phone and around me in life. We all have these kinds of thoughts and how cleansing to release that shit! I still feel the emotions attached to today’s lesson and it feels good. ~ Cindy F

⭐️ Thank you, Leah! I love laughing and frequently tell people that I take my vitamin L every day. You have a great laugh too! Thank you for responding to a collective desire to learn how to just laugh again! Also I appreciate you sharing personal details of journey! Bless you!
~ Mary B


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